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Performance Evaluation
Feedback and Signature

You've arrived at this page because you have received your performance evaluation from your supervisor. After reviewing the evaluation, you must sign and submit it through the Feedback Signature form that corresponds with your role.  You must submit the form within two days. 


The link to the feedback and signature form is below.


Please select the performance evaluation form that corresponds with the role you had during the performance review period - 7/1/2022 through 6/30/2023.

Evaluation Form

e.g. Directors, VP, Sr. Leadership

Site Staff
Evaluation Form

e.g. Program Director, Assistant Director

Evaluation Form

e.g. Data Specialists, Administrative Assistants, Budget Analysts 

 Site Staff

Evaluation Form

e.g. Academic Enrichment Specialist (Tutor Counselors), Activity Specialists



Question: I was supervised by the current supervisor only for a few weeks/months; how can I be evaluated?


Answer:  If the previous supervisor has left NYE, the new supervisor, in collaboration with the department head, will perform the performance review.  If your supervisor has recently changed, then your previous and current supervisors will collaborate and complete the performance review.


Question: What happens if the previous supervisor leaves the organization, who will complete the performance evaluation?


Answer:  If your previous supervisor is no longer with NYE, then the previous supervisor’s supervisor or designated person will complete the performance evaluation.


Question:  How long will I have to comment after the performance review?

Answer:  You will receive a maximum of two days to comment if desired; please note the time constraint of signing/comment and returning the evaluation.  


Question:  What happens if I am managed by two supervisors simultaneously?


Answer:  Both supervisors will collaborate and complete a fair and timely evaluation. 


Question:  What if I do not want to sign the evaluation?


Answer: An employee’s refusal to sign does not mean that the performance evaluation is not valid:  A signed or unsigned (employee) copy of the performance evaluation will be placed in your personnel file in Human Resources.


Question:  What happens if I disagree with the evaluation rating?


Answer:  If you disagree with your performance evaluation, you have the option to write a rebuttal to your supervisor to address your concerns. 

Question:  Will I be getting a merit increase this year?


Answer:  If approved and the budget permits, merit increases for staff will be based on performance.


Question:  What happens if I have/had a non-medical break in service?


Answer:  You can only be evaluated on the work performed and the period of time at work. 


Question: What happens if I was on leave due to non-compliance with COVID-19 vaccination and returned to work after several months of break?


Answer:  You can only be evaluated on the work performed and the period of time at work. 


Question:  What would happen if I was on medical leave?


Answer:  If you are on medical leave due to family and self-disability, you will be evaluated after returning from the leave. 


Question:  What happens if I receive 1 –unacceptable performance?

Answer:  your manager will work with employee relations o

Have a question? Submit your inquiry directly to HR.

A member of the NYE HR Team will review your inquiry and follow up. 

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