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Music Production Academy

This program offers a comprehensive overview of music industry and production. It covers recording studios, DAWs, microphone techniques, music production, songwriting, sound design, mixing, marketing, and entrepreneurship, preparing students for success in the music industry.

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Recording Studios

This course covers recording studio basics, equipment, acoustics, and hands-on experience for music production and audio engineering success. Students will work together to build a classroom recording studio. 


Digital Audio Workstations

This course introduces kid-friendly DAW software, focusing on audio recording, editing, and virtual instruments to promote creativity in music.

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Recording Studio


Microphone techniques

This course covers microphone introduction and types, along with proper handling and positioning, while also teaching vocal warm-up techniques and vocal recording.


Intro to Music Industry

This course delves into the music industry's structure, historical evolution, and current trends, providing a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic field.

Conference Room
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Music Production and Beat Making

This course introduces beat-making, drum pattern creation, and music production techniques, culminating in the arrangement and production of a full musical track.


Music Production & Engineering Careers

This course provides insights into careers in music production and audio engineering, offering valuable information on income sources within the industry.

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Songwriting & Arrangements

This course introduces the fundamentals of songwriting, including structure, lyrics, and collaborative exercises. It also covers arrangement techniques and the use of musical hooks and transitions to create compelling songs.


Music Publishing & Copyrights

This course explores music copyright and intellectual property, highlighting the roles of music publishers and collection societies. It also covers licensing and the intricacies of royalty collection processes in the music industry.

Musical Notes
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This course focuses on developing podcast content, honing interviewing skills, and mastering audio engineering techniques for podcast production. It also covers recording and editing vocals to create high-quality podcast episodes.


A&R (Artists and

This course explores talent scouting, artist development, and assessing market potential across music genres. It guides students in crafting effective A&R strategies to nurture and promote artists' careers.

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Creative Sound Design

This course provides an introduction to sound design concepts and techniques, including the creation of diverse sound effects and textures. It also explores the incorporation of synthesized sounds and the creative use of audio effects.


Music Distribution and Digital Platforms

This course explores distribution channels and aggregator services in the industry, focusing on maximizing visibility on streaming platforms. Students will analyze data strategically for informed music distribution and promotion decisions.

Music Apps
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Mixing Basics

This course introduces audio mixing, emphasizing its significance, and covers fundamental techniques such as EQ, volume balance, panning for spatial effects, and basic compression and dynamics control.


Music Marketing & Promotion

This course focuses on creating effective marketing campaigns for musicians and their releases, with an emphasis on leveraging social media and digital platforms for promotion.

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Mixing & Mastering

This course dives into advanced mixing techniques, including EQ and compression, and explores the application of effects for depth and polish. It also introduces mastering and the process of preparing tracks for distribution and sharing.


Music Journalism & Media Relations

This course guides aspiring music journalists and critics in honing their skills, covering press release and media kit writing, as well as fostering connections with media outlets.

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Final Projects & Performance

This course involves collaborative and individual music projects, culminating in the recording and production of a final song or composition. Students prepare for a mini showcase to celebrate their achievements and share their completed projects.

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