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Heat Advisory for All Physical Activities

Contact: Ralph Labianca, BS, MS

Director of Sports & Wellness

Cell #: 347-840-1445


In keeping the safety of our staff and participants as a top priority, you and your staff must ALWAYS BE AWARE of the "Feels Like Temperature" or "Real Feel Temperature" aka Heat Index when engaged in physical activities both outdoors AND indoors (when air conditioning is not available).

You and your staff should check the Heat Index on a daily basis, both before the program starts and consistently throughout the day.

*Please share this information with your staff.

You can use the weather app on your mobile device or download the OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by CDC) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

For more information, please carefully review the information below.

What is the Heat Index?

  • It is what the temperature feels like to the human body when relative humidity is combined with the air temperature.

  • There is a direct relationship between the air temperature and relative humidity and the heat index, meaning as the air temperature and relative humidity increases (decreases), the heat index increases (decreases).


For example, Tuesday is projected to have a high air temperature of 94 degrees, with a relative humidity of 49%. This means that the heat index will be approximately 100-103 (Extreme Caution/Danger Zones). No outside physical activities should be held. Inside activities should only be held in rooms with air conditioning or a heat index below 91.


*If you don't have air conditioning in your gym, consider alternate low impact activities and/or moving your physical activity to an air conditioned room.


Current Week Projections:

  • Monday: 83 deg / 74% humidity = 86-92 Heat Index (Caution/Extreme Caution)

  • Tuesday: 94 deg / 49% humidity = 100-103 Heat Index (Extreme Caution)

  • Wednesday: 95 deg / 47% humidity = 100-108 Heat Index (Extreme Caution/Extreme Danger)

  • Thursday: 95 deg / 53% humidity = 103-112 Heat Index (Extreme Danger)

  • Friday: 94 deg / 41% humidity = 97-101 Heat Index (Extreme Caution)


Please refer to the chart below to take the appropriate actions:

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