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3-5 Pop-Up Garden Interactive Training (New Specialists)

Get ready for summer with STEM! This hands-on training will help you break down the larger project goal by experiencing several lessons firsthand. This will be a highly interactive training that will leave you feeling prepared and ready to help youth grow this summer.

If possible, please use a computer instead of a phone to access this training so you can use the interactive features such as Jamboard.

Additionally, please collect one of the following:

  • Clean, empty Soda or water bottle ( 2 Liter bottle preferred)

  • Paper

  • Pen or pencil

  • Scissors

  • Marker or wax pencil

Computer preferred: you will be using jamboard

NYE Staff Facilitator

Rachel Chase Master Teacher of STEM Kristina Rodriguez, STEM Specialist Oloruntosi Solomon, Assistant Director

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