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Art - Summer Fun & Classroom Enhancement ​(Returning Staff)

Summer Fun & Classroom Enhancement

Thursday, June 30th 10:00 am - Noon & 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In this workshop designed for current New York Edge art staff, participants will reflect on the curriculum content introduced during the week's previous Deep Dive trainings. The group will discuss techniques to enhance the "FUN" of each project. They will also brainstorm ways to personalize the lessons to suit the interests of their students. Our current staff should arrive expecting to share summer program stories from previous years, offer feedback and have lots of fun! NYE Staff Facilitator Michelle Durante- Director of Arts Suzie Masser- Visual Arts Program Manager Katie Booze-Mooney- Arts Programming Coordinator Jesse Gardner- Arts Activity and Events Coordinator Christine Skorupa- Arts Planning and Resource Coordinator

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