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Subcontractor Process

This internal page is for our teams' eyes only - something to come back to if we ourselves have questions about the beast. The answers are here. The first section is the process listed out step by step, it also includes links to all necessary links to the fun docs that go along with them.


Phase 01

Nomination Process

During this phase, program sites and members of the curriculum team will have the opportunity to nominate potential subcontractors they wish to collaborate with for the upcoming season. This step encourages open communication and engagement between all parties and allows for the consideration of preferred subcontractors.

Phase 02

Vetting Process

In the second phase, the curriculum team and select site staff will interview the nominated subcontractors to assess their compatibility in logistical, programmatic, and budgetary aspects. This vetting process aims to ensure that subcontractors align with New York Edge's values and goals and are capable of delivering high-quality services.


Phase 03

Project Idea.png

Selection Process

In this crucial stage, program sites will be presented with a pre-approved list of subcontractors. Sites will review these options and select the subcontractors they wish to work with during the season. Once sites make their selections, the curriculum team will review the submissions and align site requests with the subcontractors. Sites will then be promptly notified if their subcontractor requests have been approved.

Additionally, sites are required to confirm their selection within 3 business days of receiving notice from CIT staff, as a commitment to the subcontractor sign-up process.

Phase 04

Program & Outcomes 

During this collaborative phase, site staff and curriculum team members will work closely with the approved subcontractors to design the program experience. Together, they will establish Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals and define
desired outcomes for the season. This phase is essential to ensure that the program aligns with site program goals and serves the needs of the participants.

The CIT team will make a formal email introduction between the NYE site and subcontractor so collaboration may begin.

Quality Control Checklist.png

Phase 05

Legal Document.png

Contract and Budget Development

The final phase will be managed by the curriculum department, which will oversee all aspects of the program-based subcontractor contract process. This includes drafting the third-party agreement and collecting all necessary subcontractor paperwork. The curriculum department will serve as the direct liaison to the compliance team, facilitating smooth communication and adherence to organizational policies. Once all contract-related matters are finalized, the site staff will receive a copy of the fully executed agreement.

Note: Subcontractors may not begin services until all third-party staff are notified by Compliance that they may start working at their assigned site(s).

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