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2023 Summer Subcontractors

The curriculum team has selected various subcontractors for this year's summer camp.

Use this page to view the curriculum team's summer subcontractors and request subcontractor programming at your site.

Subcontractor availability is limited, so please make your request early to increase your chances of partnering this summer. We will pair subcontractors with sites as the requests come in, but once the capacity of the subcontractor is met, they will no longer be available for your site. 


 The deadline to select Summer 2023 subcontractors is Tuesday, May 30, 2023. 


A New York Edge Student Leadership Partner


M.S. 382 K – Academy for College Preparation and Career Exploration

2023 Summer Vendors & Trips

In addition to summer subcontractors, the curriculum team has also selected one-day and multi-day vendors for summer camp. 


A New York Edge Sports and STEM Partner

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